If You Feel Moved To Help...

Doesn't hurt to ask, right?

It takes a village to raise a child, and this project is kinda my baby. If my child is gonna grow up big and strong, I will need all the help I can get. It might seem tacky to shill like this, but that's not the spirit I'm asking in. I'm asking not to sucker you out of your money, but because these things would sincerely help me get by.

If you are inspired by what I'm doing, or pity me and think I could use an intervention, or even get a sick thrill out of reading my rantings, then maybe you could find it in your heart to donate any or all of the following, to help me on the path to fulfilling my purpose:

  • New Headshots
  • A Rockin' Haircut/color
  • Music to revamp my audition book
  • A Heavy Duty Binder
  • A Winter Coat/Gloves/Scarf/Boots (the warmer the better)
  • Bike Repair (My bike needs a new back wheel/tire)
  • A Large Whiteboard I can mount on my wall
  • Home Recording Exquipment (Microphone, Keyboard, Editing Software)
  • A Membership to CostCo
  • Voice Lessons
  • Scene Study Classes/Monologue Coaching
  • Admission to Doreen Virtue's Angel Card Reading Workshop
  • The Path Class from Capes Coaching
Any of the following Gift Certificates, in any denomination:
Or just good ol' cash (you can use PayPal, and transfer money using my email: pencilklepto@aol.com).

I'm also open to whatever good stuff you feel moved to send my way, whether it's items, money, or just your prayers and blessings. You are helping more that you know.

These gifts would go an incredibly long way to help me on my journey, and I would be grateful beyond belief (Plus I'll give you all the credit, and possibly mention you in my Tony acceptance speech).

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